Monday, September 24, 2012

Ferocious Screening: Calgary International Film Festival

This weekend I attended my first film screening during the Calgary International Film Festival and I know I'll be back next year for more. My husband and I drove seven hours from our Northern town to check out the adult thriller, FEROCIOUS, written and directed by Calgary's own, Robert Cuffley.

I'm no paparazzi, but I did my share of picture snapping as the cast arrived to cheers from the crowd:

Once seated inside the theatre, Cuffley introduced the film, and then...we watched. Seated close to the cast, it was fun to hear them laughing and razzing each other during certain scenes - enjoying their inside jokes. Ferocious had many dark comedic moments as we dove into the world of the main character, Leigh Parrish - an actress with a sex tape to cover up. Here's a blurb: "Leigh Parrish, a likeable, small-town girl, now famous actress, takes increasingly drastic steps to protect her fame."

I enjoyed the standout performances of veteran actor, Kim Coates, holy hell that guy can be twisted and creepy, Michael Eklund, who is edgy, sympathetic, and cool, as well as Katie Boland, a young actress with loads of attitude.

A major highlight of the night - the question and answer session with the cast that followed the film. The banter between these actors was proof they had a blast while on set. Mindboggling that they completed shooting the film in just eighteen days - a testament to Cuffley's passion for movie making.

Watch for Ferocious screenings in YOUR town, or on Canadian television networks in the future.

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