I have several scripts completed or coming down the pipe. I also co-write fiction, non-fiction, and scripts for film and television with the brilliant Dawn Dalton who also writes as Dawn Ius (More pen names? I know, authors, eh?!).

Anyway - here are the scripts I've got going - just me, myself and I:


*LOSING IT - finito

Charlotte Webb is on a mission – to get deflowered, and pronto.

GOING: Despite a list of potential de-virginizers, Charlie’s anti-hymen project isn’t going well. Her commitment can’t be questioned. But her timing? Now that’s debatable.

GOING: 'Cause her dysfunctional family is experiencing yet another full-on meltdown. When her mom checks herself into rehab, Charlie's sent to live with her Monty, the cantankerous old bastard who won't let her call him Grandpa.

GONE: When Charlie forms a relationship with Eric, a rehab grad on the road to redemption, she can't help but think he's THE ONE. But will they ever get any alone time to find out? 

With the lives of those she loves crumbling around her, is Charlie's virginity the most important thing she stands to lose?

*This script is a film adaptation I wrote based on my edgy young adult novel of the same title.


GET A LIFE - working title / work in progress

They're ALIVE! When a freak thunderstorm fries his network, thirty-something town outcast, Ivan Bowman, the anxiety disorder riddled designer of a fantasy role-playing game, is forced from his self-imposed dungeon to save the very townsfolk who've always mocked him - from his living-breathing-man-eating creations.

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