Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Announcement

Author Dawn Dalton and I have multiple projects on the go, from solo to team efforts as with our Most-Wanted Monsters young adult series. Note - I write paranormal fiction under my pen name, Judith Graves. 

But the fun doesn’t end with print media. We also collaborate in the writing and development of scripts for film and television, and to further complicate things, Dawn also writes under the name, Dawn Ius. A writer by any other name...

We're keen to announce we've signed with film/tv literary agent, Anna Archer of Lucas Talent for our screenwriting projects. Lucas Talent is one of Canada’s leading talent agencies and we're thrilled with the professionalism and comfort level we've experienced thus far. 

Here’s to navigating TV Land!

You can follow our fiction writing and screenwriting careers on our blogs:

Judith Graves:

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