Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random pitchin' is bitchin'

Writers are always testing their ideas out on unsuspecting victims. Might be a subtle, What if? question casually interjected into water cooler discussions. Or a full-on attack. "So, I've got this brilliant idea for a book/TV series/film...".

And then we spew out as much info as possible, fingers and butt cheeks crossed our victims don't get the glassy-eyed look of death that pronounce our idea SUCKS and it's time we KNEW IT.

But random pitchin' is bitchin' - it helps solidify ideas we haven't even written down yet, provides instant feedback / possibly a smack upside the head, and more importantly, provides invaluable experience delivering our loglines.

If you can't say your logline out loud for the world / your cat to hear - and make it sound like the next big thing - you need to get on board with random pitchin'.

Want to know how others are presenting their pitches? Well, my friends, there are a bevy of brave souls who have filmed their pitches and posted them YouTube. That's right - you can watch and learn - all from the safety of your home.

But someday, if you're serious about this business of writing, your going to have to send out a query letter, or attend a conference and pitch directly to an agent / manager, and you want to do it like the Brownies do it.


Jay Leno did a pitch feature his show, Pitch to America. You'll be appalled, shocked, thrilled, and mildly nauseous from some of these pitches. However, I NOW realize how I sound to friends when they innocently ask "How's the writing going?"and end up on the receiving end of a mini pitch fest. The words mentally disturbed come to mind.

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