Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dare to Dream

Me and Dawn and Leia. 
All the hard work that my brilliant writing partner, Dawn Ius, and I have put into screenwriting may be about to pay off. We've signed with a TV / Film agent who will rep us as a team, as well as take on our solo projects, we have interest in our work, and we've told anyone who'll listen - WE JUST WANT TO LEARN. We know we're green, but good freaking god, we'll work our asses off to produce worthy material. Just point us in the right direction and you'll see...

Because, we dare to dream.

Maybe we'll get to write other shows, have a spec script or tv series pilot sold or put into production someday. Actors might make lines we write - come to life - or demand Directors and production crews may take the stuff of our imaginings and turn them into stunning visuals.

Because we dare to dream.

If Dawn and I had talked ourselves out of giving scripts a go - if the prospect of having to learn a new writing medium through trial and error, and more error had seemed too much for our fragile writerly egos - we wouldn't be at this magical point in our lives. Characters and their worlds are being analyzed, our commitment to those characters and worlds is being tested, and at the end of the day, even if our projects go into production, there's no guarantee they'll be picked up by networks or get distribution.

But we dare to dream. And I can't wait to see where those dreams take us.

Where will yours take you?

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